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Managing your Reputation


business reputation

I think we all learned the importance of our reputation right around 7th or 8th grade. Up until then we may have noticed that certain people group together but we may have not made the link until around age 13. And when we finally do realize that this thing called reputation matters we bring it with us everywhere for the rest of our lives. And it affects us weather we want it to or not. Our reputation can work for or against us depending on what it is. And managing your reputation is a vital tool in the success of any business venture and in life in general. This simple tool can make or break your life and the vitality of your growing business. Learning how to manage your reputation is a mandatory skill that once acquired makes a world of difference.


When you Google reputation management and scroll down past all the ads you find countless articles and information on the importance of this topic. I am going to break it down in plain English. Reputation management is managing your online information enough to shape the publics image or perception of your business, brand or personal life.


business reputationReputation Management has changed drastically in the past decade due to social media. Now a days you can literally find out anything you want to know just by scrolling through a person or business social media page. Things go viral in a New York Minute and now we have more access to information than we ever did. Over the last decade more information was shared on social media than ever before. This was capitalized and now there is an entire field cut out for managing your reputation online through the use of public relation firms and internet marketing firms. These days people are hiring somebody, an expert, to manage their reputation and they pay top dollar portray the image that they want to be seen in.


Any and everybody who is in the public eye would benefit from a reputation manager or a public relation. The internet can be vicious and a professional reputation manager will have knowledge and expertise that a normal person like you and me would not have. People put bad reviews or spread gossip and these things can ruin a person or business. A reputation Manager would not necessarily get those things erased (that could be illegal in some cases), but they will know how to get it off the first page of Google which means it is basically invisible.